Vaporized Nomads and Boss Labs have introduced the vaping community to a new level of elegance and sophistication, while transforming a modern day habit into a personal lifestyle. Whatever your reason, Vaporized Nomads and Boss Labs will redefine your vaping experience. We offer a one-stop shop for premium products in an atmosphere unlike any other.

The VN family proudly provides patient and knowledgeable service to each individual. We understand the process of “finding what works for you” deserves nothing less than our undivided attention and commitment to your safety and happiness.  Inventory on our site is also available at The Pontotoc Vape Lounge. 

VN's inception began as an idea Adam had in North Dakota. Just a thought. Not any hope for success or monetary gains. Just an idea. Two years later, Adam's idea slowly evolved into a vessel that graciously allows him to share with the world his generosity, kindness, and talents inherently his own. Adam and I are truly humbled by your support and generosity.